zencart经典插件下载【Quick Updates】

Allows rapid updating of product prices and stock levels.

Recent changes are (version history summary, from 1.1 (?) to 2.0):

Renamed to v2.0 to distinct this version from the older ones.
Fixed multi-linked categories and master_categories_id issues
Fixed several issues with “Value or rate” markup feature
Added quick master_categories_id updates
Added column for wholesale price (beta code, not supporting multiple wholesales prices?)
Added links to: products in catalog (not using products_type yet) and products_price_manager and products_to_categories for each product
Added purchase price and margin columns
Added zen_update_price() function usage, to fix price sorting
Moved most inline styles and depricated styling to stylesheet file (and removed most deprecated HTML and lots of wrapper tables)
Added code to calculate prices on price including tax (based on javascript by Joop Buis The Netherlands)
Improved “parameter memory” (remembers settings better now)
Added quick copy: quickly copy one or more products as new products (currently not copying attributes)

Lots of code improvements and cleanup!
Added sort order column
Add Category Modify
Display Products ID
Display Products Thumbnail
Added image selection (from /images on server)
Added (HTML) editor links for edit products descriptions support

And lots of other changes and fixes.
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