Jenkins 的 CentOS 8 安装目录和路径

Jenkins 的文件结构目录如下。

在 CentOS 8 的操作系统下,具体的路径是在 /var/lib 目录下的。

所有的配置文件都在这里,包括有你 Job,这是你的任务目录。

 +- config.xml     (jenkins root configuration)
 +- *.xml          (other site-wide configuration files)
 +- userContent    (files in this directory will be served under your http://server/userContent/)
 +- fingerprints   (stores fingerprint records)
 +- nodes          (slave configurations)
 +- plugins        (stores plugins)
 +- secrets        (secretes needed when migrating credentials to other servers)
 +- workspace (working directory for the version control system)
     +- [JOBNAME] (sub directory for each job)
 +- jobs
     +- [JOBNAME]      (sub directory for each job)
         +- config.xml     (job configuration file)
         +- latest         (symbolic link to the last successful build)
         +- builds
             +- [BUILD_ID]     (for each build)
                 +- build.xml      (build result summary)
                 +- log            (log file)
                 +- changelog.xml  (change log)

具体的官方文档参考地址为:Jenkins : Administering Jenkins