IRIS / Chronicles 中的 Chronicles Locators

Chronicles Locators describe the subscripts used to define nodes in Chronicles Data Globals. The 5 standard locators are INI, ID, DAT, Item # and Line #. In addition to being subscripts to globals, the locators are also used as input to various routines and utilities, as well as arguments to Chronicles API.

Chronicles Locators 主要用途就是把数据从 Chronicles Data Globals 读取出来。要读取 Chronicles Data Globals 中的数据,需要有 5 个参数:NI, ID, DAT, Item # 和 Line #。

用中文来翻译的话,这个应该叫做 Chronicles 数据全局。

Chronicles Data Globals 可以认为是 Chronicles 和 M 语言全局变量中的一个映射。

根据我们对 Chronicles 数据库的了解,Chronicles 将会把数据映射到 M 语言的全局变量中,然后提供语言级别的调用,这个和我们常用的关系数据库不一样,因为我们不可能把数据库中的内容全部映射到一个程序语言的全局变量中,这会导致溢出的。

但 Chronicles 这个数据就是这样操作的。

Remember to look before you leap; view your test data before writing code to load it, so you know what to expect. To create your test data, use Chronicles. To see the raw data and locators along with most translations, use the Record Viewer. The important locators can be seen in the chart below and will be critical to loading in the next section.

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