HR 突然发了下面 3 个问题要回答下

HR 突然发了下面 3 个问题要回答下,就随便写写吧。


Describe your experience building/ designing public facing APIs.

We build APIs for our mobile applications and frontend use.

We use JWT token, every time when user send request, the request need to include with JWT token.

Because of public API, we need to limit the resource for each API that can be accessed.

For the API design, it really depends on the requirement.

Describe your experience defining standards for API usage.

Our APIs had been used for mobile APP and fronted.

Requests sent to API AWS API gateway.

We focused more on the logic of backed.

APIs are used to provide data for fronted and mobile app and can take command to start batch processing if we need.

Describe your experience with API gateways.

We are using AWS API Gateways.

Once your API Gateway has been deployed. We normally track the logs if we need to.

API Usage.pdf (87.8 KB)

应该主要就是想问下,你对 API 是怎么看的吧。